Welcome to my Brain?

Hi. Hello. This is weird.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jay. I’ll be your host this evening. I’m just sitting on my bed in my parents’ home. Yes, I live with my parents. I can’t afford to move out. Though I do have a job as a caregiver, the amount of money doesn’t cover much. So therefore, like any other college student, I’m broke. My parents are disappointed that my life is not at a straight line. They hold this high standard above me that I can’t achieve. So I spend most of my days, just ignoring their lecture and trying not to mentally break down. Because my parents get on my nerves. Then again, that’s all the parents’ job. It’s to irritate their kids on a daily basis. However, I’m trying hard not to become like my parent. I’m pretty sure when I have my own kids, I won’t be as hard on them as my parents. I mean, I’ll keep my future kids on ground. But I want to remain an open minded person with them. Because I don’t want to cause an emotional stress on my kids. I think that’s what I have. Anxiety. I hate it. My worst nightmare. Continuing of overthinking thoughts really can force you to go nuts. Thanks Mom. I’m surprised I can still live up with this woman.

Don’t worry. This blog won’t be just on my mother. Maybe some topics I could share. But not politics. I hate politics. It is a danger to all society. I have a very neutral thing for politics. I try my hardest not to be bias if given views and opinions. That should also tell you I’m an independent party. Not liberal. Not Conservative. Nor Democratic or Republican. Just independent. Funny thing, I love doing research. Probably makes sense why I’m an English Literature major. I love reading and writing. I also have been a writer for 10 years. I mostly have written my own poetry. I post them on a lovely art social media website called deviantART. Check it out. The link is jayscriminal.deviantart.com. All of my pieces are nonfiction. I use my personal life as an inspiration. Yes, I tell strangers my life through poetry. Just like right now. Except this is a blog. Which I hope you read and don’t get bored. If you made it this far, congrats. I hope you enjoy and look for more posts in the near future.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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