Sex and Love

I literally just thought of this last night when I head to bed. Giving in my view on sex, I have no knowledge of it nor am I an expert. Don’t worry. I’m not one of those hardcore feminists who gets offended by a sex comment. But I do believe in sexual harassment if no consent was given. That goes for guys too. Guys can be victims as well.

Anyway, my sexual history is very clean. No STDS. No multiple sex partners. None whatsoever. To begin, I grew up with an extremely anti-sex mother. “Then how the hell she manage to pop two kids out if she’s so anti-sex?” Well, at the time, she wanted kids. I don’t know. My dad and her haven’t been sexually active for the past 24 years. Ouch. No sex for 24 years in a marriage? That’s a load of crap. Yeah, I totally agree. Every time my dad tries to do it with her, she always reject and calls him a pervert. I find her ridiculous because my dad is her husband. I think it’s appropriate.

The act of sex belongs in a form of a commitment. It doesn’t necessary have to be marriage. As long you’re in a commitment, then it’s okay. Because  physical connection is part of the keys in a relationship. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t thought of this way. When I first got my period at age 13 1/2, my mother gave me the “talk”. You know the “talk”. It’s where parents discuss with their adolescent teenage kid about sex. I’m sure if you don’t have a strict parent like mine. You probably hear “Be safe. Use a condom“. Not my mother. I get the “If you have sex before marriage, you will die!” talk. Basically to her, if I stay a virgin my entire life up till the day I get married, I will be a good person. I did took a health class both in high school and college. Compared to high school from college, College is more wide open because we’re all adults and it’s nothing new. But as a high school freshman, the school tried their best to promote abstinence because they’re scared teens will get ideas.

Of course, they will. Even if you shoved the whole “Don’t get pregnant. You will die.” , kids will still do it. But growing up in high school, I don’t know anyone who’s sexually active. I hang around with a bunch of virgins who are still my friends on this day. We don’t really touch on the subject because it’s nobody’s business. If you do it and use protection, then we don’t care. However, in our early twenties, the classmates I grew up with, started getting pregnant, being engaged/married, and building a family. All I can think of is “Whoa. I feel old.” But in the end, everyone has their phase. My ideal of putting on such act is practicing abstinence till the right person comes along. Yes, I grew up as a virgin from high school to college. I didn’t receive much criticism for being one until I started college. I had an ex whom I like to call a douche face. Because he is one. The douche face like to harass and touch me inappropriately. I could already tell he want to take me through the wildness badly. Fortunately, I don’t want to swing through the jungle with him. The gorilla talk of his turned me off. So I packed my yellow umbrella and smack him off the tree.

After the douche face, there were plenty of guys (total trolls from the internet) that want to hook up with me. I didn’t have a good feeling about those people due to my gorilla instincts. So I said the word “commitment” and they got scared. One practical troll from Vegas wouldn’t give up and decide to pop the question, hoping I’d be stupid enough to fly to Nevada. That troll got knocked off by the oldest Billy Goat Gruff brother and his ass was gone. I pretty much spend the last 5 years going in circles. The whole world wanted sex and won’t stop at nothing. At least, that’s what I thought. I kinda accepted the fact no guy I meet will be a virgin. At the same time, I don’t know if the next one will respect me. Not till Fall 2016. The day I met my boyfriend turned into a whole new world. Like Aladdin’s magic carpet ride and I took advice from Steve Harvey’s “Act like a lady, but Think like a man”, I got the little bastard and rocked his world.

Nah, I’m joking. I did lose my virginity this year. But all it took was a 90 day patience test. If my boyfriend can deal with a complicated virgin like me whenever we fail to do it for 90 days, then I will allow him to enter my cave. It was a great birthday gift, too. What’s the lesson here? Well, don’t do drugs. Actually, drugs aren’t even involved in this blog. I meant don’t do sex unless you’re emotionally and psychically ready. If you’re a teenager and you’re reading this, please save yourself for the right one. Or at least wait till you’re in college, so your parents don’t have to freak out if they find a box of condoms in your drawers. Other than that, be safe and make sure you know what you’re doing.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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