American’s Education is shit

The education system in the United States is a piece of shit. Every kid being shoved in pre-K to 12th grade is being robbed of their education every day. Teachers are either there for their paycheck or being told by district to teach by the book. In my early days of school career, I wasn’t that kid that enjoys school. I was given so much information and expected to memorize like a robot. If I could scan everything like a machine, then I’d probably be in University, wondering what the heck I’m doing with a medical degree that is not meant for me. I don’t hate school. I love education. It’s what inspires me to become an English major and I hope to use what I learn to pass onto my children. But when I was a kid, I just felt uninspired and tutors I had were hard on me. My brain doesn’t soak any information like a sponge no matter how much I studied. I just need inspiration as a kid.

But all I got were robots and the system blames me for not studying hard enough. I probably thought I was dumb in education, so I flew by like a fly on a windshield. As I got older, my college professors complained of how education is rigged. I was shocked to hear how it is true that my childhood education was unfair. Even I first started college, I felt like all missing information behind closed doors were suddenly revealed. I always wonder where they came from. I don’t think education should be limited as children. I believe everyone deserves a good education. People should be dedicated into teaching as well as inspiring the next generation. Not to make them as cooperate robots in their cubical offices. They are a lot of people with an excellent GPA but no skills can’t do their job. And people with poor grades that are reduced to being unintelligent but they are really the brightest people I know. It is true. It’s why all the other countries are beating us in the Education department. So much for a bigger future for our future generation.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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