Keep digging, B*tch – UdyPranks

I love Youtube. I go on there for pretty much for any entertainment videos. And I spot some Youtubers ; big and small. Anyway, I’ve seen a lot of Gold Digging Pranks that are highly popularized on media. They all say females get attracted to money and power. I grew up with mostly non-gold diggers in my life. I do have a few female relatives who are highly and obviously gold digging worthy. If this blog can get passed onto a youtuber who goes by the name UDYpranks, I want to test my female cousin to see if she’s really a gold digger. Let me know. Just kidding. I don’t want to expose my family on the internet. But I am positive that I have relatives who are attracted to money. Growing up, my mother always give me this relationship advice. “If you find someone better, be honest and dump your current boyfriend.” I don’t know what she meant by that.

I thought she meant if the guy’s personality is a whacked up, I deserve better. No. I now know what she meant. I currently have a boyfriend who grew up poor most of his life. His father was a single teenage dad who juggled between college and work for his son. They both moved around a lot because rent can get expensive and he doesn’t have a permanent home. Until August of 2016, they finally found a nice 3 bedroom apartment in Downey, along with his step family. My boyfriend’s father is a licensed engineer/doctor for prosthetic legs. Basically, he helps people with abnormal legs/feet to make it look normal. It’s good money. My mom knows that. She’s fine with my boyfriend, but at the same time, she has disagreements. I recently applied to this job in an office. It’s basically a nursing office where the company sends their nurses to patients who need 24/7 home care after getting discharged from a hospital. The position I applied for is a referral coordinator/data entry where the person handles emails/phone calls and paperwork. Meanwhile, they must translate because most of the patients don’t speak English.

I told my mom about the job and I mention how I’ll be around doctors if I got accepted. Unfortunately, they denied me. But it’s okay. I tried my best. Anyway, my mom implied that if I do get the job and if  a nice handsome doctor hits on me. It’d be best if I ditch my current boyfriend and run off with the doctor.  I get there’s a bit of her that wants me to be financially welled off in my future. But at the same time, I feel most of her sounds like she want me to become a gold digger. And it wasn’t a joke. I was shocked and I finally know what she meant by finding someone better. It’s a shame how society views women are the gold diggers. It’s kinda true by 0.01%. There are gold diggers, but they are girls like me that don’t need a billionaire to sweep off our feet.

If a guy in a tuxedo comes down on a parachute, he tells me he’s loaded with money and gets down on one knee. I’d reject that. Because money isn’t everything. Of course, it’s important to pay off your everyday needs. House, food, and clothing. But for your pleasure, it’s kinda embarrassing. Everyone would do anything for money. We need it. But money can’t bring happiness. I’ve  heard stories where people got high paying jobs and are miserable. I rather have a job where I’m proud to be there and make use of it. In other words, I just want to be financially stable. Not too rich. Not too poor. Just somewhere in the middle. And trust me. I met guys with money in college. They go to school and work, but they don’t got the brains and heart. So for single guys out there, don’t give up. I’m sure there’s a girl with a heart of gold. Keep gotta keep your head up and who knows. Maybe there is that nice girl out there. You may never know.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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