Struggles of Being Asian

Despite all the awesome food and language, I hate being Asian. Growing up, my mother tried to mold me as the perfect little robot. Get straight As, go to Top ranked University, get a financial welled up job, and shower parents with money. My dad, on the other hand, never knows the situation because of his full time job as a business man. My mom’s side of family always been hard on me. I’m not a straight A perfect student, but I am a good student. They see it as a failure and always think of the worst things possible. I understand they care and worry, but seeing it from their point of view sucks. I don’t have a great relationship with my mother due to her closed minded and judgmental side. Even when I try to explain my views to her, she makes it seem like I’m talking back at her. So really, no point in saying anything. Like everyone says, “just do what makes you happy. Don’t worry about what your parents think.” 

I’m trying, but it’s hard because my mother is a housewife for 20 years. It’s kinda hard to not have one day of peace where she doesn’t bring up my past. Asian parents are never satisfied either way. I heard it from my mom’s friend’s daughter, whom I grew up with. She’s a bit older than me and is already done with school. She’s currently now a veterinarian. I got the juice where she’s still getting the whole complaint department. I honestly thought she had it easier than me. Because she went to a University and graduated with a well financial job doctorate degree. But nope. Us, Asian Americans, still get it no matter what. It kinda makes me feel better that I’m not the only one getting all of this. So, for people that non-Asians, we’re NOT all that lucky. Our parents are NEVER satisfied. Even if we do get the degree and job, we still get compared. It’s tough. But the best advice and most of the advice I’ve been given is “Just ignore them. At this point, our minds are totally blank and we’re getting mentally tired.” To my Asian brothers and sisters, I feel ya pain!


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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