CEO’s Love Life ≠ My Love Life

There’s a saying for Chinese proverbs. “Rich goes with rich. Poor goes with poor”. I kinda had to admit it’s true. Sad, but the truth. However, I won’t let it bother me because it doesn’t have to do with my future. I was told that since the day I started going to school. It’s quite unfair how my mother says all this crap and I don’t really get along with certain people. They are smart academics, rich people I grew up with. But they’re not compatible with me. I can’t relate to these people. Maybe cause I’m uncomfortable with their talks of money and grades. I just can’t talk to these people.

I rather associate myself with more highly mindset intelligent people. Regardless of their background and education, I welcome anyone who’s intelligence excels beyond academics. My mother brought up Facebook CEO’s Mark Zuckerberg and his lovely wife, Priscilla. How both went to Harvard and became rich successful people. I guess she wanted me to think about how they match because of each other’s statuses. For me, I match with my boyfriend because of his personal background. I honestly don’t see it that way. People are people. Whichever crowd you grew up with, you feel comfortable with that crowd. I can honestly careless.

My mother’s way of associating herself with people is due to statuses. Like money, success, family history, etc. I find it absolutely degrading yet kinda true. Then yet again, people have different love stories. Comparing my love story to a total stranger who makes as much as Bill Gates love story is very degrading. Besides, if I read this correctly, Priscilla has love Mark even before he was CEO. They both were simple college students meeting at Mark’s fraternity party in a bathroom line. However, due to Facebook’s popularity, he dropped out of Harvard while Priscilla went on to being a med-student.

In the end, they both supported and love each other. Better love story than Twilight. Again, how you meet your significant other, doesn’t matter. It’s the same story. Boy meets Girl. They both hangout and became friends. Sooner or later, boy likes girl and girl likes boy. The rest is history. I grew up in a nice city with decent money. My boyfriend grew up being poor and having to live on a budget. Previously, I met guys with lots of money and are smart in academics. Guess what? I rejected them. Because there’s no chemistry between me and those guys. I don’t think coming from a certain background would make difference in your relationship’s future. Can I make a claim where I say Chinese people are gold digging bitches? Just kidding. Not all of us are like that.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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