All Babies are Adorable!

Ok, I seem to be bringing up my mother’s antics all the time. I don’t know why. The thing about her just gets on my nerves. So I’m Chinese American. My boyfriend is Mexican American. Together, we’re in an interracial relationship. In LA, the most interracial couples I’ve seen are Asian & Caucasian. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing undesirable about yellow and white being together. It may be other’s preferences. But definitely not mine. I am more attracted to Hispanic men. Spanish is very sexy and I grew up with Hispanic culture. Plus I took the language course. Though I pass the course, I never really practice. So that sucks on my part.

Anyway, I have this nephew whom everyone on my mom’s side loves. My nephew is the son of my 2nd cousin. He’s a mixed baby. White and Yellow. But his white side is showing more as he gets older. His maternal grandmother is my mom’s 1st cousin and my aunt. We see her on an occasion. All those photos she shoved at us, my mom happens to get all excited. So she gets a copy onto her phone. In her eyes, only white/yellow babies are cute. Back in the my single days, she would constantly tell me to marry a white male in hopes of one day fulfill her dreams. To my rebel side, I said no. Why be prejudice? To her, only white people get off easy and it’s the only color to survive in this cruel world.

I’m saying no because I don’t want to teach my children that only Whites rule the planet Earth. Nope. I wish I could shove or kick my mom back to history and show her what the real Americans are. No, their skin is not white. They’re light brown? I think. I don’t know. But they’re Native Americans; Descents of Mexican and Asian. So technically, white people took our land! I don’t understand how Asian immigrants praise White community all the time. Again, nothing wrong with white people. I have friends and professors that are white. They’re awesome people. But putting them on a pedestal like God is total bogus.

In my eyes, all babies are cute. I’m a huge sucker for babies. One of my dreams is to become a mother. I love to have two children; one boy and one girl. And whoever I share my DNA with, my children are beautiful to me. I can careless if half of their DNA is white or not. Every mixed baby is wonderful. I think Asian immigrant need to calm down and quit praising on white babies. Oh, and is my mom okay with my Mexican boyfriend? I thought she wouldn’t at first. But after I muster up the courage to have him meet her, she seems fine with him. But I know deep down, she wants a white male to be her son-in-law. Yeah, mom. It ain’t going to happen.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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