I’m an American, too.


I understand it hurts to know there’s racism in this country. It exists for 200 years. Every race suffers racism ; including Asian people. But the difference between them and us is we, Asians, have been trained to stay quiet and never spoken out. Throughout history, our voices was never heard. From Chinese Massacre to Vietnam War, we suffer the same thing. But our voices are never heard. I guess we want to pick up and move on. I hate talking about politics because it creates heated tensions and wars. But I have no choice. Be warn that my political views are independent. I have a neutral view on certain subjects. Anyway, I’m sure at this point and we don’t live under a rock. Since November 2016, the people has chosen Donald J. Trump as our new president. Many of the people were furious. Protests were marched. Plea of impeaching the newly president was voiced. But it goes back in circles.

In my opinion, I don’t like the man himself yet I do understand a little of his policies. However, the way he distributes his policies seem very confusing. The people either took it too far or media mixes his words up. I don’t know. Here’s what mixes me about this country. Aside from Trump slashing his name on every executive order, there are some Trump supporters who took the man very far. An example of his policy is to deport all illegal immigrants. Somehow, some Trump supporters didn’t hear the word “illegal” instead only heard “immigrants”. Anyone who is not white skin colored is an foreigner and must go back to their original country.

I live in Los Angeles, California my entire life. I never came across such racism. But I see news of my people experience racism because of the newly elected President. It hits so close to home. California is known for being a democratic state. There’s barely a 1% of racism in my state. But if I do come across an ignorant person telling me to go back to China, I would say “How dare you don’t know history.” History has been said that the first group that immigrated here to the United States are Native Americans; Descents of Mexican and Asian. So technically, maybe if I did that DNA ancestry testing, I could be part Native American. Then again, maybe not. Because my family are immigrants and so is everyone else. But racism will never die because it’s been that way for the last 200 years. The only way to stop racism is if we forget about each other’s political views. Stand together as one nation. We are the United States of America and I am too an American.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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