Online Dating: Yay or Nah?

These days, millions of singles would make a profile in hopes to find their true love through the web. Websites, such as Okcupid and, offers such service. I’ve used online dating sites for fun. My goal wasn’t to find someone online and hope to develop a certain romance with them. But I had made a few awesome online guy friends on the site. So that takes the perk. For the 0.01% of people, they may have came across their one true love. And lived happily ever after. It’s fantastic. No biggie there. But people like me got bad luck in the online services.

People on the web now look for casual sex hook-ups rather than a serious bond of some sort relationship. A year ago, I signed up for various different dating sites in hopes to make new friends. If I get lucky to meet the guy, then I’d take consideration into getting to know the person. Unfortunately, it rarely happens for me. Most of the guys that dodged at me are either horny guys or older men that loves younger women. I naively tried to explain to them that I look for something serious. These douches would get disappointed when I refused to act on such intimate.

Personally, I’m a bit conservative. My view on sex is before you do the act, you have to understand what sex is and the consequences to the act. When you do, make sure when you act on it, you are with a person you are in love and trust. It’s rather a better choice than to treat it so casually. Because sex ,to me, shouldn’t be taken as a joke. I understand others have their own lifestyle and want causal sex. However, if someone doesn’t feel comfortable participating, don’t force them. Find someone else. Know what you’re doing if you’re getting involved. I’ve explained that to online douches many times. They don’t care and wouldn’t take a no for an answer.

I guess online dating has a bad reputation now a days. The awesome people buried under the 99% sex addicts are rarely found. No matter how hard I tried, I always was pushed under the darkness with people calling me “naive” and “helpless”. When I do come across the awesome people, I have to make sure I get my point across before they could open their mouths. Which mostly ends in a relief. So in my opinion, online dating is bad for me. I quit after a few sites. “But how did you meet your boyfriend?”  I met my boyfriend in real life at our school’s library. Most of my romances, I met them at school. I guess real life works better for me than online.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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