Ritual Reality Gone Wrong

Last week, my friends posted a video of a redheaded woman freaking out over a PDA in Santa Monica. I clicked the video ; exhibit the woman continuously commenting on the couple in the video as “disgusting”. Everyone in the comments were sided with the couple and concluded the woman as psycho freak. I’ll link down below the video if you have no idea what I’m talking about.



My first initial reaction was “Jesus lord. Get a load of this crap”. A freakout over a simple PDA is a little over the top. Back in my single days, I’ve had couples in busses and public places that display PDA all the time. I personally don’t care. Now if the couple was little more than affectionate, then I’d be “Lord, I”m leaving.” But most of the time, it’s not a biggie.

But then, a little something of me didn’t really feel too good about laughing at the woman. She seem a little disoriented. I also heard from Youtube that people dig up her dirty laundry and found out she’s crazy cam girl herself. I thought that was full of irony and maybe it’s over. Then I found an article (not sure if it’s legit) explaining the real side of the woman. Her name is Anna Storelli, a former University of California in San Diego graduate. She held degrees in Oceanography detectives with a minor in music and art. Most of all, she did not look like that in the video. Apparently, she was the same size as I am.

Also, she was a normal person before her freakout after a project she participated in at her school. I’m sure most of you heard about Ritual reality. Basically it’s a fantasy where it makes you feel like you’re in it, but it’s not real. Anna was part of that project. Apparently, she conducted a ritual reality gaming development. She went 365 hours straight, playing the game. Didn’t stop and snapped. Now she runs around California with schizophrenia. I can honestly say we shouldn’t poke fun at this woman. People currently now see her as a jealous psycho dick envy woman. But really she has mental issues. I’ll leave the article with the evidence below.


These kind of experiments involving a human shouldn’t be conducted. I couldn’t believe a good school like UCSD would even allow this project. I hope this changes people’s mind about the woman. We should get her medical attention before she creates any disaster herself.


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