Dating Preferences = Discriminatory?


So this guy or girl says our dating preferences are discriminatory? For a CIS woman who’s only attracted to CIS male, he/she is telling me that I’m a bigot. What the fuck? I’m surprised this video didn’t get viral. The person who goes by name, Riley is a transwoman who’s attracted to CIS woman and is a feminist. He/She is putting all these poor arguments about the dating life and who we should be attracted to. Now I’m not against the LGBT community. I’m very open about the community. These people are the same as any straight person. But telling me that my preferences is discriminatory because  I’m not attracted to everyone is a slap in the face. We all have dating preferences for a reason. It’s to find what we like and don’t like.

I came across a lot of jackasses and assholes in my life. If Riley were to say I’m a bigot for not giving them a chance, then he/she must be mistaken. It’s like saying I should sign my death certificate away.  Riley is definitely putting the LGBT community backwards. As an English Literature major, what is the argument in the video? He/She starts off with the hypothesis of why you should be attracted to a trans person. Just ignoring what the trans person has between their legs, it shouldn’t matter. No! Genitals do play a part in the romantic relationship! Unless you’re willing to be a platonic friend, then it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to reject you from being my friend. But I do get the right to reject you for romantic relationships. Because my goal in a romantic relationship, I want to be able to have a long term commitment and make love to my partner. Out of that loving relationship, I hope one day he can help me bear my own biological children.

I want kids! Adopting and/or having a third party won’t cut for me. Yeah sure a transmale would cut out for a CIS male if they have the hormones and surgery. But in the end, it’s not the same. I understand trans people feel rejected because one doesn’t have the genitals others desired. But it’s life. You can’t control what and who people are attracted to. Personal dating preferences is the same. People go into dating to find out what they like and don’t like in a potential mate. As far as sexual orientation goes, everyone is different. Whether they’re attracted to one preferences of genitals or both, it’s their business. Now, I think somewhere in the video, Riley says he/she isn’t trying to force us to be attracted to this particular person, but should really reconsider. Again, what is the argument? If I were his/her English professor, I’d give this video an F as a grade. There isn’t any evidence or backup to the argument of why dating a trans shouldn’t be a problem.

It would only work if the person’s sexual orientation is bi or pansexual and the person doesn’t mind not having biological kids. Transpeople is perfect for them if they don’t mind. But other than that, this argument is highly poor. Not a good idea to convince the whole world that they should try to forget about preferences and go with the flow. I think the Riley person should get off of Youtube and find a new hobby.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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