Opposite Sex Friends

I’ve heard this argument many times. “Opposite Sex can’t be friends”. People’s evidence is “oh guys are looking to get inside a girl’s pants unless he’s gay“. Honestly, that is bullshit. The phrase obviously screams out INSECURITY. I’m sorry. But I think it really depends on certain individuals. Some are meant to be friends and some don’t. Whenever I meet a guy, I don’t automatically assume he wants to get inside my pants. Unless point dick obvious, the guy isn’t interested in sleeping with me. And no, my guy friends aren’t gay. A few are, but majority of them are not.

I think the reason why people claim that opposite sex can’t be friends is due to insecurities and their past. I understand cheating is the lowest point. Because I’ve been cheated on. But what I learned from my 2nd ex is cheating is cheating. You can’t force your significant other to stay loyal to you. If you have to suspect them as cheaters throughout the relationship, then that’s no relationship. Your significant other is the only person that decides the loyalty to you. If they do end up being non-loyal, then kick them to the curb and tell them to suck on a skunk’s dick. I have both male and female friends, but the majority are males. Most of my friends have been in the picture longer than my boyfriend. I make sure my friends are still in the picture. In case if something happens to my boyfriend and I, I have my friends to provide emotional support.

People need to remember that their significant other has a life before they come into the picture. You can’t control them who to be friends with and who not to be friends with. In order to have a stable relationship, you have to build a trust bond between the two of you. That trust is very important in the relationship. Without it, there’ll be insecurities and hardships all over the place. I told my boyfriend that before and after we became a couple. He is aware of my male friends. I even let him read the conversations between me and a close male friend. Basically, I’m an honest person to my boyfriend. I didn’t force him to trust me. He learn to naturally give time to build a trusting bond between the two of us.

Hey, I’m even friends with people who has a significant other. I respect their relationships. Why does everyone think when they meet the opposite sex, it’s an automatic assumption that attraction must be in the air? What’s worse is they go too far and abandon them from talking to their family member. That actually happen to a friend of mine. His ex went too far and deleted every single girl off his phone, including his female cousins. It’s like whoa, what are we going to do with our cousins? Yuck. The point is single or not, you can’t ditch your friends off just because you’re in a committed relationship. Even if you have a past, don’t compare your past to your present. If your significant other is a loyal person and has proven so, chill-ax! Nothing will happen between them and their opposite sex friend. Unless they turn out to be a jerk, then kick them in the balls or vagina. Other than that, relax! Enjoy life! Worry when it’s necessary!


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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