Six Months

So today is my 6th month anniversary with my boyfriend. Yay! Congratulations to me! It’s a huge milestone to my relationship. I’m quite happy that I made six months with my boyfriend. I wouldn’t say it’s hard, but it wasn’t easy either. It feels medium. But it is the least stressful relationships I’ve ever been in. Most of my relationships weren’t serious nor going in the long run. No guy has ever talked future, was serious, nor taught me about relationships. I can’t say I was perfect either. I didn’t understand relationships and how it works. I spend most of my life, building the less emotional person I was, in hopes if I ever come across a perfect guy, he would love it.

When I did, it was a little complicated. I was sorta harsh, but that didn’t scare him away. Most guys would be scared of me, but this one didn’t get scared. He had some doubts about me being mean and decide to give a shot of finding out the true self. It was worth every second. I am a nice person. I just had been screwed around by so many guys that I gave up on love. Knowing he want to be with me, but couldn’t screw everything up. He did what no one in the dating world would do. Become my friend. We spend a lot of times, talking and getting to know one and another.

Right there, I fell in love. He was charming and everything I want in a mate. But I couldn’t jump into telling him how I felt because I fear of changes. It wasn’t the good kind of change. It was the bad kind of change. I’ve met too many people that did the talk and not the walk. I wasn’t going to lose myself with another guy. But Faith told me everything was going to be alright with this one. Because if it feels right, then everything will flow in like a nice river. There’s not a doubt in mind I would trade my boyfriend for anyone. He is definitely someone I was looking for this entire time.

So what is the advice to this 6th month old relationship? The only advice I could tell myself is look forward to the next six months in the relationship. Find out more about good and bad in the relationship. Learn as I approach to the next level. Do what I always do. And since I’m not a player nor want to play games, I’m definitely staying committed as I always have been and will. Hopefully months will turn into years. Wish me the best of luck.



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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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