How To Fall in Love With An Old Soul

There’s many articles on what to expect when you fall in love with an old soul. The definition of an old soul is a young person with an interest in older things. I slightly discover recently that I’m an old soul. Even though I’m 24, my mentality is a little bit older. I’m very interested in a lot of older generation things. Such as entertainment, history, and art. I also possess a non-materialistic attitude. I rather connect with someone through philosophy than skimp around through one night stands. You get the jazz. It’s difficult for me to find love.

Not everyone I meet likes an old soul. Even people my age prefer excitement and flirts than sitting down at a coffee shop, enjoying a nice book. I had to jump through hoops just to endure with -insert whatever nasty nickname I’ll give to a guy-. I’m sure throughout my blog ; it’s pretty obvious I have an old soul. At the same time, I try to obtain an open mind that not everyone is an old soul. It’s alright. I do have a handful of close friends who do share same philosophies with me. It’s very interesting to talk about many thoughts.

It’s how I connect with people. After all, communication is important in many relationships. I don’t know how the boyfriend can manage everything of me. I think that’s why I keep thinking how different we are. I honestly don’t know how he keeps up with me. Us, old souls, have a hard time keeping up with the modern dating life. We don’t like mind playing games, casual hook-ups, etc. I also hate how my looks are more invested than my personality. I’ve dealt with so much that I prefer going back to my awkward teenage self single days. And that is how you fall in love with an old soul. Accept them like no tomorrow. Make them feel comfortable as best you can. Communicate about art, history, science and philosophies. Before you know it, the old soul will fall in love, too.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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