How I Met Him

I understand no one is curious how I met my boyfriend. But I feel like telling the story. Here it goes. I actually met him on October 13,2016 in our school’s library. During the Fall semester, I had a one class daily schedule. The class started at 9:15 AM. My dad goes to work around 7:30. What he do is drop me off at school early and I head straight to the library before class starts. The library is basically my sanctuary. It’s my go-to place at school whenever I have a break or free time before class. The day before, I stopped talking to some guy. I’ll call him Goku because he’s a huge fan of the anime, DragonBall Z. Goku and I did like each other. We barely met in September and jumped into dating right away. I told him to take things slow since we barely met. Little to my knowledge, he got head over heels and fell for me quick. On my side, I wasn’t feeling it. He had an obsession, which results into clingy-ness.

I stopped talking to Goku for two weeks. During those two weeks, I met another guy. I’ll call him, “Fat Child” because he’s fat and acts like a ten year old who has no idea what puberty is. Fat Child was this lazy white 20 year old boy who has Yellow fever (aka Asian Obsession). Again, I wasn’t feeling it. I did the worst thing and ghost him out. Fat Child got the message and stopped talking to me. Meanwhile, I decide to go back to Goku and try again by explaining my situation to the story. We got back quick, but things didn’t work out. He knew we weren’t a good match. I don’t know why he even bother trying. So I decided I had to cut him out.

I was for sure done with guys when I told my guy friend, Dan at the time. Dan kept me sane to make sure I was doing okay. On a Thursday morning, the day after I was left disappointed, my boyfriend and I met for the first time. Now, I had seen my boyfriend around during that same week I met him. He recently came to the library to study. I thought he was cute, but wasn’t my type. I didn’t have any thoughts of pursing him. My boyfriend, on the other hand, knew he wanted me the first moment he saw me. But didn’t know how to talk to me. It wasn’t until I made the first move.

My friend, Dan, helped me in text. I had a nervous breakdown when I tried to talk to my boyfriend. Normally, I have confidence. But my boyfriend was nerve wrecking to talk to. I tried to fold a paper airplane to get his attention. However, the airplane I made, was a fail. I had no choice to force myself to approach the boyfriend. So I did and we were so nervous. It took a minute to introduce ourselves and do the basic meeting questions. We exchanged numbers and went from there.

I was happy, but then second thoughts were upon me. I didn’t want to date right away and I knew my boyfriend likes me. So I decide to play the jerk card and try to avoid any feelings at all costs. I thought I got him mad due to the flacking out on our study date. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay mad because I’m a stranger and need to slow things down. At that time, my boyfriend decide to play his cards right and start off as friends. He and I had easy chemistry, but I always avoid any feelings or going out with the guy. There were so many “No’s”.

But he wouldn’t give up. That’s where I started having feelings for my boyfriend. The more we hung out, the more closer we got. He was about to ask in person if I have feelings for him, but it got interrupted when I dragged my best friend in the picture. He couldn’t say, therefore, he never knew in real life. But that didn’t stop him from texting me. I couldn’t lie, so I told him. After two and a half weeks of talking, he got me. I was really scared at first. I kept getting thoughts of what’s going to happen in the relationship we had. Due to my bad luck, I thought things will go bad. However, I was reminded the chemistry and the determination he had, I was convinced we are meant to be in a relationship.


So we talked the following day, kissed, and got together. I had no “Will you be my girlfriend?” proposal. We asked each other what we want. We talked about the relationship and went from there. Now 6 months later, we are still going well. I love him so much. I may yammer on and on about him quite too much. But it’s okay. I had never done this in my life. So that’s the story. It’s amazing how life works. I never thought I’d come through at all. Love wasn’t a priority in my life. I put more focus on school, friends, and family. I didn’t care about being lonely. Before I met my boyfriend, I vow to stay single for as long as I can after the 3rd ex scared me. I didn’t want a relationship. But little to God’s magic work, he led me to true love. I guess I have my “someone” after all.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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