The Thing With Gifts

First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. May all our fallen soldiers and current ones rest in peace/celebrate the day you sacrifice for our country. Anyway, I was on Youtube, watching this cute lesbian couple, Domo and Chrissy. They all legit the funniest couple I’ve seen on Youtube, right next to Bubz and Tim. I love their relationship. It’s so raw and realistic. I did come across their videos of handing gifts to each other on special occasions. The gifts they both receive all so extravagant. Nothing wrong with spending money on each other. It’s their relationship. I just see it as materialistic items. For me, I prefer something made from the heart. It’s the thought that counts.

If I was presented with an expensive gift, I will immediately reject it. Like heck no. I can not accept the gift. Anything above 20 dollars is already expensive. Luxury don’t really please me. I prefer simple gifts because I’m an old soul. Although I did spoil my boyfriend once on Valentine’s Day. I bought a Star Wars Overthrow and card because I know he likes Star Wars. The rest of his gifts were hand-made. His gifts for me were a couple of animal stuffy. It’s not what I expect. I like getting gifts related to my personality. Like journal notebooks, pens, and hand-made gifts. But it’s alright. He did try though. The gift I love the most is his heart. He is the greatest gift I ever received throughout the special occasions we go through.

No matter what he showers or will shower me with, I still think he is the only gift I love. I think it is amazing to bless with a special person in your life. Everyday since November, he has been through with me. Christmas, Birthday, Valentine, and 6 month. In all of the 4 occasions, he is the only gift I love the most. We still got a lot more to go. He has hinted he will surprise me more in the future. I honestly can’t wait for it, but I still think he is the best gift ever. That’s the thing with gifts. I appreciate what’s from the heart. But if my boyfriend wants to go all the way to do it because he wants to. Then that’s cool. I just need to remind him I don’t need all of that. I just need him.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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