What’s a Good Prank?

The word, “Prank”, is defined as a mischievous act or practical act. I would hear it a lot on Youtube. Most pranksters would play a joke on a total stranger or someone they know very well. It’s all fun and games. But the one that stretches my nerves is the relationship pranks. Breaking up and cheating pranks, to be specific. I’ve seen many Youtube couples that does this all the time. I’m surprised they haven’t break up over something that almost killed their relationship. Pretending to break up or even cheat on someone causes emotional stress and damages. Because what if one day, it’s not a joke and it’s real situation. That’s ten times worse than a simple act of a joke.

Joking about cheating and breaking up with your significant other isn’t a good thing. I’ve had little fooling around with mine about it, but we never drag the joke on. It only last for one second and end of story. I get Youtube is for all views and money. However, I don’t see it as a good way to prank someone. Maybe try to fool around in a harmless situation. Like a parent-teacher conferences. I saw that kind of prank and it was really good. It’s hard not to chuckle. Something like that. Be creative. But never drag on a joke on relationships.

It’s dumb, in my opinion. I’m just shocked how these kind of pranks are so popular on Youtube. Whatever happen to the good pranks? The ones that mean no emotional stress or damages. Just fooling around with a person. If I were to be a Youtuber, I wouldn’t dare to pull that kind of stunt on my boyfriend. Then again, I’m a terrible liar and pranks wouldn’t be my thing. Nor I like to blog everything about my life. I don’t know what I do if I were to be on Youtuber. I’m very camera shy about putting my life on the internet. I rather be ordinary and not risk putting my personal life on the internet via Youtube. The social media platform is very powerful. Anything that seems dramatic and gets recorded, the video could get viral. People get invested and assume assumptions. Yeah, no more relationship pranks. Too much.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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