Ten Years Later

After ten years, is there a way to become friends with someone again? Lately, I’ve been thinking of an old ex-friend of  mine. We grew together as kids for year and separated afterwards. My only memory of him as a kid was the annoying one who bothered me during nap time. There weren’t any memories of him as a teenager because we were too busy fighting in the dark. I reunited with him on the old AOL Instant Messenger in the summer of 2007. It was a few months before 9th grade. One former archenemy (not the same one I talked in my bullying story) was friends with him at the time. He brought me up and used the guy’s screen name to message me.

We then suddenly became fast friends. I finally remember his name as Chad. He finally knew my name as Jane. Chad and I exchanged phone numbers and Myspace accounts. We spent 3 months of the summer, talking. Back then, free hours were only at night and weekends. Chad would take advantage and call me around 9 pm. The conversations usually lasts until 1 AM in the morning. The bills jacked up into a lot of money. I almost got my phone taken away.

I don’t know how it happened, but I fell for the guy. Maybe because he’s a nice person. Ninth grade rolled by and we finally saw each other in real life. It’s when hell began. Because my silly feelings got in the way, he started to see me as a different person. I honestly had no clue what or why the drama started. Chad turn into the popular crowd and start dating. Meanwhile, I’m a lonely high school person. He made friends with my archenemies. I decide to walk away and cut our friendship between us. Things would’ve been fine by then. Until, a mole turn things around and caused our fire to grow bigger.

For 3 years, Chad and I spent a lot of days being angry at each other. Unnecessary drama were rising. Confusion was in the air. He thought I was still the same person from before. Though I actually grew up and matured a little bit, Chad wouldn’t believe me. It was unbearable. By summer 2010, we talked and I told him the mole’s identity. Things got a little clearer and the fire was gone. Although things were back to normal, it wasn’t enough to be friends with him again. He tried, but I wasn’t ready.

It’s been ten years since we’re friends. Chad’s name rang in my head again. I could search his name on Facebook and message him. We could finally have that talk and discuss what I want to tell him. I could also defuse the feelings bomb, indicating that I haven’t had feelings for him since 9th grade. Update on each other’s lives. I could possible find out if he has changed or not. After ten years, is it possible to friends again?


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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