How Many More?

After the Manchester and London Bridge incident, there’s even more shootings. My phone showed up a notification of an Orlando shooting by an ex-employee. How many more do we need? The United States has been always talking “Gun Control” left and right. Politicians and the left wanted to put background checks for each individual who purchases a gun. Meanwhile, gun owners from all over the country wanted to keep their 2nd amendment and believed guns shouldn’t be taken away because it’s protection. In my opinion, Gun Control is an overrated topic. But it’s something the country has been talking for centuries.

Shootings isn’t something new. They existed since 1891. It’s just becoming more viral since we have technology and media. No one is doing anything about the guns because there’s nothing we can do. Other countries like Australia had one shooting and the government ban guns. Since then, no other shootings occurred. I don’t think we can compare more. The reason why the 2nd Amendment existed is because in case if the Government gets out of control, we can protect ourselves. I don’t think our ancestors ,who created the Amendment, were thinking of the guns as protection from everyday shooting.

It’s sad these shootings occur and many innocence die because of the terrorism. We don’t know when or where it will happen. It could happen anytime, anywhere. Some suggested that we all should be armed 24/7 so in case if the shooter comes, we are fully prepared. Like if that will help! It’s going to create more war! I can picture real life action Call of Duty right now. We are never prepared for these types of situation. At schools, we have these useless practice lockdown drills to stay tight in one place in case if a shooter is on the loose.

I was in a lockdown myself back in 2010. But the situation wasn’t severe. The gunman was actually a student seeking for revenge for injuring his friend. No one was injured or dead. There are a couple times in college where some psycho would run across campus with a gun, trying to run away from polices. But overall, we are not prepared for any of this. How many more are going to die because of a psycho? It’s quite saddening and scary. My traveling dream is to go to the UK, mainly London to explore such beauty. But now attacks are happening in all parts of the world. I think the safest is to be locked up in our homes and never come out.



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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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