Death is only the Beginning

I literally thought of that quote of the “The Mummy”. It’s where Imhotep’s body becomes mortal and his body sinks into the dark water. I wish I could insert a GIF, but I can’t find it. Anyway, terrible situation happened in my family. Every time I even think about it, it makes me sick to my stomach.

On the morning of Father’s Day, my 80 year old maternal grandfather went into Hypoxia. He was transported to a hospital near his home. Unfortunately, by the time his body reaches to the hospital, his breathing and heart already stopped. My grandpa’s body was unconscious. Doctors and nurses tried everything to resuscitate him, but barely any luck. Now his body is being attached to a machine that helps him breathe. Without it, he will die. Being an elderly, I know the chances of survival is at a minimum. Doctors and nurses all gave the same opinions. Even they have translations for my family and they still said the same.

I already accepted the fact that no medical professional can save my grandpa at this stage. Even if he survives, his body will be attacked to an oxygen tank forever. This isn’t the first time death has been upon us. I lost my other grandfather and two great uncles from both sides of the family. But I never seen a lifeless body attached to a machine, being so up close. I only knew from watching “Grey’s Anatomy“. It really does help out a lot from how the medical stuff happening in real life. Basic stuff.

It’s sad that this is a hard summer for my mom’s side. Especially when Father’s Day was suppose to be a happy celebration. My mom’s sister was planning to buy roasted duck, chicken, and cake to bring it over to the house. I was going to treat out my father for dinner. Unfortunately, family emergency was in. We had to cancel our plans and stayed home for a home cooked meal.

I really don’t want to see my grandpa to suffer anymore. For half a year, he’s been going through surgery to loosing weight. Being stuck in bed. I want to make the best decision for my grandpa. And that is to let him go and God will take care of him. But I can’t say much because I don’t get to make the decisions. It is up to my uncle to make the decision. So far, it’s undecided.



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