Updates on Maternal Grandfather

It’s been a few days with flying back and forth, but a decision is made. My uncle decided not to pull the plug. Reason why is that my grandfather was showing little reaction to my aunts talking to him. Because of that, the family decide to continue the treatment and see if he does improve. Right now, my grandfather is in a coma, but there are circulations and breathing inside his body. Just no brain function. I guess I have no choice but to comply with my family’s wishes.

Then again, it would be good for the family to see him one last time. So for the time being, the wires and ventilator are switched, but his body will be transported to a nursery home since hospital can’t hold him any longer. This reminds me of my paternal grandfather’s position. After my 7th birthday, he went in to get surgery to remove kidney stones. Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t went well. As a result, he was placed in a coma. For 5 months, family visited him from time to time. He didn’t wake up. By July 14,2000, he was declared dead. As a 7 year old, I never saw my paternal grandfather again. Nor did I said my goodbye.

All I remember was seeing his lifeless body in a casket. With crying family members and ceremony, that was my last memory of my paternal grandfather. I feel my maternal grandfather will go through the same position. Except I don’t know how long he will be attached to wires. In the long run, the doctor told me he might not wake up. May take 6 months to a year. But at his age, it’s highly unlikely that he will survive. My uncle wouldn’t dare to let him go that quick. So he requested more treatments in order to give us a longer time to spend more time with him. I guess it doesn’t hurt. Plus extended family will have the chance to see him before the worst comes.


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