That’s not a girl.

I am mistaken once again. Turns out that “girl” is my boyfriend’s gay best friend. He sure has the hots for him. I’ve heard about the gay best friend here and there, but never spoken the name. I always known him as the “fat gay guy”. I honestly don’t mind since that’s how their relationship is. I just hope he doesn’t go too far. I mean, I have friends in the LBGT department. They never try anything with me. Then again, they don’t really have that relationship with me. I never been hit on by a girl as far as I know. If I were to have that experience, I’d be shocked. Flattering but I’m not interested.

Also I knew that looking at my boyfriend’s phone without permission is a total invasion of privacy. Before he forgave me, I offer him the same to look through my phone. I got nothing to hide. He declined since he trust me enough. Instead he offered that in the future we both should request for our phone and Facebook if we ever feel doubts and/or insecure. I agreed to the terms and another one.

Man, relationships are pretty complex. But I’m still learning. Maybe I should record my journey and lessons in this relationship. It’s a good experience.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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