Wait till Marriage?


Are you done watching the video? Good. By the way, I finally had something to talk about in my blog! I went on a temporarily writer’s block for a while. I didn’t know what to write about. It wasn’t until I came across this video on YouTube. It sparked up my interest because Sex is such a controversial topic. I’ve spoken about it a couple times in my blog. But I want to talk about this certain topic. This video is kinda shitty to me. The Youtube group called Justkiddingfilms do video content on random skits when I was in high school. Since their popularity was up in the air, they decide to expand their brand as more than just a comedy channel.

I have a huge understanding that people have different opinions on sex. Regards to waiting or just jumping in is one own’s decision. It’s very important to keep an open mind when it comes to the community. However, what these people say, is vague. I clearly don’t understand their logic. To be honest, there really isn’t an answer to whether it is worth saving for marriage. It all depends on a certain individual. Originally, I wanted to save for marriage. For a long time, I practice abstinence by choice. I’m not sure about other’s, but it doesn’t benefit me. Because who cares? People are different.

No one should be shamed into making a choice for themselves. It wasn’t until college where I met my douche ex. He, the douche face, believed that I should do a test drive to see if I like it or not. Like get more experienced, as quoted by one of the Youtubers in the video. I was told the same by many trolls in my life. However, I stick to my guns and remained a virgin. I became more open when it comes to choosing a potential mate for my sex life. I decide not to mind if my potential mate is a virgin or not. As long as he practice safe sex, then I’m fine with it. I also decide to just wait until the right one comes along. If he respects me and gain my trust, then the deed will be made.

That’s what I did with my boyfriend. For three months, I pretended that there’s something’s wrong with me to see if he is really in it for sex or not. He passed with flying colors and we made love on my 24th birthday. I don’t regret with my decision because I fully see he is the right one for me. He respects me and I respect him. The most important is communication. If both communicate, then you’ll know if the sex is worth or not. I personally don’t like doing a test drive. I prefer to wait for the right one to come along. Whether the sex is bad or good, I still love the person no matter what. Again, that’s how my situation is with the boyfriend.

I’m definitely the weird one. Having good or bad sex only comes down to one person in my life. Maybe because I’m emotionally attached to my boyfriend and I do not care if the sex is bad or not. In the end, I shower him with unconditional love. It’s something I recently found out. He and I had one awkward bad sex and he felt shamed for not satisfying me. I laughed and smothered him with kisses. It brought his confidence back up.

I guess in the end, it really depends on people’s choices. There’s no right or wrong answer to the question of remaining a virgin till marriage is worth the deal. I personally believe people will experiment and come across different people. Like relationships, your sex life is also a journey. Before you know it, the right one will definitely come along. Whether you have one or none sexual partners, it’s all part of growing into an individual self. No one should call each other a whore because they slept with more than one person. Unless they’re a douche, then it’s a different story. Other than that, I think society should start keeping an open mind about this topic.

Sex has been such a controversial thing where it’s been judged so quickly. Some people see it as a sin if committed before marriage. Some think it’s cool and not care of one’s emotional attachment to avoid relationships. How I want to teach my children is have a mature and open understanding  before doing the deed. I also want my kids to be safe because one slip will cost them consequences. Do not judge other’s decisions other than yourself. What you feel is what you feel. If pressured or judged, fuck them. You don’t need assholes to tell you what to do. Keep the people that care close to you.


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25 year old Chinese American with an English Degree.

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