LA or Northridge?

I got accepted to Cal State Northridge, along with my best friend back in January. We’re both pretty happy that we made it to the finish line. Honestly, getting accepted to a University has been one of my dreams in high school. I never thought I could end up in a University after 7 years at a community college. Anyway, while Northridge give us a deadline to answer, we’re both still waiting on Cal State LA. CSULA is pretty close to our houses and a very popular school. Northridge is known for their art program. Since my major is close to the art section, Northridge is good for me. LA is known for their nursing program. I’m struggling between the decisions of waiting for LA to answer or accepting Northridge now.

If I stay in LA, I’ll still have the same life. I’m not experiencing life outside of LA. I’m probably still stuck in the same situation, just maybe less misery. If I go to Northridge, I’d have to live there. I’ll experience a whole new city and life. I’ll get to be more independent. It’s good for people like me to get out there. I’m leaving my LA life behind. I seriously am struggling between these two school choices. If I accept Northridge now, LA would probably answer. I don’t want to answer quick nor wait too long. College choices struggles. They’re both really good schools. These two are my top choices for college. I originally thought of Cal State LA as my number one choice for University. However, Northridge decide to seduce me and got me hooked on. So yeah. They answer quick before LA.

I’ve been complaining so much of how I desire to get away from my mother. I have the chance to happy for the first time in my 25 years of living. I’m very tempted to go to Northridge. It’s my chance to finally get out of cocoon and live freely as an young adult. Oh my god. I don’t know what to do. It’s all too good for me. Stay in LA or go experience a new life in Northridge? Which one is best for me?


Old and New Friends

I discovered true friends back in 9th grade. Together, I manage to build a small group of friends that I can count on. My former friends had been long gone as I can remember. They’re not as toxic as you think. But pretty dramatic. I can understand teenage phase, but living up to the drama is unnecessary. I was friends with these group of people, coming from the same middle school, Richard Garvey Intermediate. They weren’t close to me, but I was acquainted with them.

During 9th grade, I had a puppy crush on an ex- preschool classmate of mine. He’s mentioned once in my blog before. Chad was very popular in high school. Girls swarm around him for some very odd reason. He had a crush on every girl except me. Because I was way too ugly for him to see me that way. I mean, look at 9th grade me.

224198_22818845072_5357_n (Total dork!)

My boyfriend thought I look cute in the 9th grade. He said he would totally go for me. Anyway, 9th grade drama happened between me and Chad. I don’t know why then and now. My ex-Garvey friends were getting invested into the drama. Meanwhile, I had slight friendship problems with one girl. Because I don’t vent to her, she feels left out. I can honestly say that is pretty immature. Not everyone is meant to be my best friend. Being told by my secrets is very confidential. I feel no trust between me and her. As a result, she got two girls ganged up on me via Instant message. I was told to disconnect with them, which results into having to be solo.

I lost friends and went into meeting new friends. Those friends lasted 10 years with me. Today, I realize if it weren’t for losing old ones, I wouldn’t have met my best friends. I guess everything plays out well. If people are meant to be in your life, they will stay. If they’re not, either they’re bad friends or just acquaintances.

Best Friend vs Significant Other

We all heard the phrase, “Bros before hoes” before. I’ve always had that mentality in every relationship I had. Most of the guys I dated aren’t approval and I believe that. A boyfriend is less important to me. But since I began my first serious relationship, my mentality of “Bros before hoes” started changing.

My current boyfriend and I talked about my best friend, Gloria. She and I grew up with each other since 9th grade. We’ve been inseparable ever since. She has her own flaws, but she was the reason why I am the strong person I am. She taught me a value lesson of true friendship. Relationship values are from my guy friends. The first time that both were in the same room was a few weeks back when her and I were invited to hang out with a mutual friend of ours. I told my boyfriend about the hangout and he had an interest of wanting to come along.

I decide, at last minute, to invite the boyfriend over to get to know my friends. We didn’t make my friends feel any discomfort or anything. It was rather of a smooth yet awkward hangout. But nonetheless, it was a successful meet-up. Gloria is what I describe as a loud and mean person. Most of the time, she says things that aren’t really hurtful but it sounds mean. In easy English, she has a hard time expressing herself. Today, my boyfriend brought up the fact she was a bit ignorant. This had to do with their Spanish speaking. Both grew up, speaking Spanish, however, my boyfriend is 100% Hispanic. He is a native speaker. Gloria, on the other hand, picked up Spanish from the community she was in. But she lost her “Spanish” part throughout the years. By the way, she’s Asian.

For me, I am familiar with the language since I took the class for 4 years. I don’t speak it, but I can read it. Anyway, my boyfriend quoted “Como Estas?”. I know it means “How are you?”. Because it’s obvious to people who has taken Spanish or Native Speakers. However, for Gloria, she kinda mistook “Como Estas” as incorrect and yelled at my boyfriend that he is wrong. She then claimed her Spanish is better than his. That was an awkward turn for us. Because I studied Spanish for 4 years. Plus my boyfriend is hispanic. He grew up, speaking Spanish all of his life. He even lived in Mexico for a year.  I’m sure “Como Estas” means “How are you?”, not thank you. The correct phase for thank you is “Gracias”.

I was going to correct her and so did my boyfriend. But I cut out short. I know Gloria pretty well for ten years. She has her flaw moments. I wouldn’t say she’s perfect, but I can see sometimes she can be a smart ass. I’m glad my boyfriend didn’t hold anything against her because it’s not worth it. But it was that moment when I realize sometimes your closest friends aren’t always right.

As far as choosing sides, I now realize the phase “Bros before hoes” is quite exaggerating. In case if my boyfriend is not in the wrong, I will defend him no matter what. It doesn’t really matter how much history I have with my friends. Sometimes your friends can be in the wrong, too.



My Narcissistic Mother

Mothers are suppose to be loving and nurturing creatures. They protect their child from dangers and evils in society. However, not many grew up with these type of mothers because either they are gone too soon or never seem to exist. Through my blog, I’ve talked about my troubled relationship between my mother and I. She displays the narrow mindset of a typical Asian parent. My mother wanted me to be a perfect little robot. Go to a good school, work hard 24/7, and live up to the fullest. My 2nd cousins on her side of the family has already displayed the perfect life. They all went to big name Universities, majored in a long lasting money making degree, and did everything perfectly. Growing up, I’ve grown to resent my mother.

It’s hard to portray such hatred against one parent and it feels awful. But within good reasons, I think it’s appropriate. She’s not only a typical Asian immigrant parent, but also a materialistic. My father is the only working person in the family. I don’t get to speak with my father often about my mother due to his full time schedule. Silence is in the relationship. It’s always been that way for the past ten years. My mother would find ways to belittle me for as long as I can remember. If no belittling, she would lecture me to fulfill her dreams of seeing her daughter excelling to the max.

Let me say that doesn’t work well for me. For in my mindset, I rebel against her method of succeeding. I don’t believe in going to a brand name University and guarantee to go into a field of medical or law. It’s not what I want. My mother doesn’t use her ears and assumes she is always right. I’ve been called “stupid”, “pathetic”, and “lazy” most of my life. I understand tough love, but having her go to the extreme isn’t something I love to experience.

I always complain to my friends and 1st cousin (Paternal side) about how horrible my mother is. They all agree fairly that her mindset is too narrow and full of stupidity to develop a relationship with me. I remember all the bitterness I felt for her when I was a teenager. As a grown woman, sometimes I still feel that way, however, I decide to not argue with her as much. Because I realize nothing about her will change. I tried to be calm and attempted at reasoning with her. But none can be done. Our relationship was already damaged since Day 1.

There are little times where I just want to throw myself off the cliff and be gone. I hate this woman so much. It’s impossible. It’s why I never seek wisdom or advice as I get older. She wasn’t there when I was going through hard times. Even if she demands to know what’s up with my life, I never speak a word of it. She blames the troubles of our relationship, mostly on me. Her complaints and whiny lectures sinks in my brain to the point where I’m emotionally and mentally tired.

I have people trying to console me that my mother isn’t the person in charge of my life. I am in charge of my own. Whatever I do is for me, not her. Why bother caring what she says? It’s your life. I wish it was easy to ignore, but it’s hard. I pray when I have my own daughter,  I won’t treat her the same as my mother. But I can’t tell what the future holds in me. My parenting method will consists of Asian style but also mixed in with Western. I won’t try to mold my children into little robots, but I want them to succeed and never give up easily. I want to keep them grounded as best as I can. At the same time, I want my children to come to me as parent whenever they are in trouble. I don’t want them to ever feel they’re alone.

That’s my plan on raising my children. I hope to become the best mother I can be and not be a replica of my own mother. It’ll be a living nightmare if I do. Then again, I can’t see what’s in my future. I don’t think when my mother was my age, she felt this way with her mother before becoming one herself. I don’t believe she ever had thoughts of resenting her own mother. For she will do anything to please my grandmother. Sounds like a generation of hypocrites after hypocrites. I hope I don’t turn out like her.

About Me

After ten years of personal youth growing, I found who I am as an individual. My personality consists of an emotional independency, open minded, and old soul heart. While I have found the person in me, there are many others who struggles of finding who they are. It takes years of work and improvement, but we’re all get there eventually. I’ve talked of my opinions on relationships and person growth on this blog. I’m sure most would agree with my mindset on how I deal with my life. Especially in the love department. My guy friends are the ones I should thank.

My friends are the reason of who I am today. If it weren’t for them, I’d probably still be that angry teenager. I’ve been re-reading the blogs I’ve posted about relationships. Including with discussing about my boyfriend’s trust issues and insecurity. I have a huge heart. Whoever is important to me, they are the priority. Even when I’m busy, I’ll do my best to be there for them whenever I can. I never put a guy as my priority. My old mindset used to believe that family and friends are more important than a guy. To me, relationships come and go. But friends and family are forever.

I can never replace them. However, since my boyfriend came in the picture, I finally found a place for him as a priority. I make sure that I have time for everyone. It’s quite the balance. I want to believe that I am a good person for both family/friends and boyfriend. If I’m not with the boyfriend, I’m mostly with friends or family. If I’m with my boyfriend, I try my best to give my full undivided attention without having a phone in my hand. I think it’s been going well since then. My boyfriend used to dislike my emotional independency because he sees it as a cruel way to avoid him. It isn’t. I just give too much space. Now I learn to text him once in a day to let him know I miss him and that I love him. I’m slowly learning.

I wouldn’t say I’m perfect, but I’m good enough to be a girlfriend. Intimacy wasn’t something I would touch before. Mainly because I couldn’t see myself in a long term with previous guys in my past. Plus no chemistry was involved. I thought I was being very picky, but the boyfriend proved me wrong. I was really waiting for the right one to come along. Totally worth every second. I guess I changed a little bit for the better in a romantic relationship. My old self wouldn’t do all the above. But I did all the above for the right one. I think I have accomplished my goal. Now, I have to prepare for the long run. Am I ready? As I said in my previous blogs, yes I am.