Serious Blogging

This girl is seriously my soul. LOL. I’m not in a LDR. There’s some serious life talks in this video. It really has spoken to me because I went through the same at her age. I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging.I’ve been really busy with school. The semester is almost to a close and I’m leaving my community college in a few months. I will transition to the next step of my life. Anyway, the subject that really puts out is when a girl (a stranger) told her “You are a failure!”. Like serious? Thankfully, she didn’t take it to heart. But I believe it’s harsh.

People shouldn’t tell others how to dictate each other’s lives. I’ve learn in college that life isn’t written the same as everyone else. When I was 21-23, I felt lost. I didn’t know what to do with my life. I thought I was a failure. My mother and paternal grandmother constantly put me on a stick, complaining that I’m a failure. The questions of “Why aren’t you doing this?” echos many times in my brain. It sounds 50% less harsh coming from your own blood. But still harsh. I’ve seen 1/3 of my former high school classmates graduating from college, got a job, and build a family. All by age 22. I got to thinking they got their life together. But to be honest, maybe they’re lying. Not everyone knows what they want in life. It’s okay. Life isn’t a race. When the time comes, it will be very rewarding. I can guarantee. I mean I did it. It took a while, but I got it. I’m very proud of who I am as an individual. Don’t mind what others say about you. As long as you’re getting that degree or job or family you want, pat your yourself on the back and enjoy a glass of wine.


Sex Again?

I know I spoken my views on sex. Don’t worry. I promise this is the last one. I got this inspiration from Gossip Guru. One comment about a YouTuber’s Loosing Your Virginity video really sparked up the conversation. To be honest, the topic is so overrated and misconception. It is the most hardest thing to ever talk about. Because I realize a lot of judgements go on in people’s sex life. The ones that has experience get called whores and sluts. The ones that has no to little experience get called boring. Growing up, people around me whould shame one and another for having sex. Once someone does it, they’re automatically a slut. If you’re virgin, then you’re safe. However, when I got to college, there are many judgements of my old status. I come across a lot of guys (mainly) because it has to do with dating. I get asked about my sex life. I’m always honest about it. They find it odd for someone in a college age to still be abstinence. They would either try to change my mind or give the general, “No guy wants a virgin” talk.

It is so annoying to hear “No guy wants a virgin”. Is there something wrong with being a virgin? I’m not judging your sex life. Why should you judge mine? To be fair, we always get taught that abstinence is the way to go. Depending on the school you attended, I’m sure high school health teachers would strictly force the abstinence lifestyle on young teenagers. In many cases, we get judged either way. There’s never a mature un-biased opinion of sex. In my personal opinion, sex is a serious act between two lovers. People don’t have to agree with me. But don’t try to change my mind. I’m not doing it to you. You shouldn’t do it to me.

There are people who loves casual sex. That’s totally fine. As long the person knows what they’re doing and be safe, then it’s all good. We really need to educate young children about sex the correct way. No one should be afraid or intimated of asking such topic. I’m not saying “Go have sex”. I just want young children to understand the concept of sex. Whatever choice they decide, they must know what they are doing. If they don’t know what they’re doing, then huge consequences would be lining up behind their backs. Also, we should inform the children to never judge someone’s sex life. I cannot stress on how easy it is to judge people. Judgements should never be made because of someone’s sex life. No one likes to be called boring or slutty. All I’m saying is have respects for everyone. You don’t have to agree with their decision. Just let them be.




Girl vs Girl

I never had experienced  girl vs girl hatred. I did had a few girls in my life that are dramatic. But in the end, I avoid them. Because I’m not all about that drama. I do have a few close girlfriends that are awesome and easy to get along. However, majority of my friends are guys. I just get along with guys more often. So as I’m transiting in my life, I begin to wonder if girls still judge each other. I believe they do. It’s mostly now behind closed doors and computer screen. Anyone can access the internet easily and post something about a certain girl. Although I don’t run into it often, I do see it a lot on social media or private forums.

The one forum I recently come across is called Gossip Guru. Gossip Guru is a forum place where anonymous users can post comments about a YouTuber. Usually, it’ll become a thread, depending how much gossip they’re willing to carry. The longer it is, the more bad comments are on the thread. That’s usually the case. I’ve never come across any positive comments about a YouTuber. These girls would stalk on every social media and do FBI research on a YouTuber’s life. Most of them are also females. It makes sense why it’s so easy to criticize a YouTuber. I’ve seen many fashion or beauty gurus thread range from 14 to 40 pages of comments. One might get multiple threads about them. As I read them, the comments are super vicious. It almost sound like an Asian parent judgment. Bad or good, it’s a judgement zone.

These female YouTubers make bank in their community. I don’t understand how they receive millions of dollars and can afford a mansion at my age. I’m 25 years old and I don’t have the money to move out. It’s very questionable. At the same time, their lifestyle and relationships aren’t my business. I may not like their content, however, I wouldn’t go on a public forum to bash on their life. I’ve seen comments from disliking the girl to rating her lifestyle. It is insane. They all claim that it’s constructive criticism and great for the YouTuber (if they ever read the threads). I personally believe a constructive criticism should only be taken from close loved ones or someone understanding that certain area. You know what I mean? If a total stranger were to bash on me randomly and suggest I take their advice because it’s for my good, it’s not something I would take. Because we don’t know each other that well.

Sure, it’s probably what would someone close to me say. At the end, we don’t know each other. I feel these type of girls have a problem with understanding the difference between criticism and celebrities’ life. When you’re creating a constructive criticism, it’s usually based on how they can create their content better. Not bashing on how shitty the girl’s dress looks. I think guys are the same. But they’re not like girls bashing on others. Anyway, girl world never changed. It’s really difficult to give criticism without making a bad judgement. I think it’ll be easier if people think about the humanity inside of everyone. Instead of making immediate judgement.

Eating Tides and Snorting Condoms?

I never tried talking about what teenagers are doing these days. But the most recent new challenges that people are doing is ridiculous. Since when are we becoming little babies? First, people ate tide pods. Now, I’m hearing people snorting condoms. Like ugh. It’s disgusting. When I saw that video, I was majorly disgusted. How badly these teenagers have to play dumb to get internet famous? And guess what the older generations are blaming on?


Yeah, that’s right. Like hold up. First of all, these kids aren’t millennials. I never thought I’m a millennial until I looked it up. Apparently, anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is considered a millennial. So the youngest is 22 and oldest is 37. What the damn hell! I’m sure my generation wouldn’t be stupid in eating tides and snorting condoms. Now, I get each generation will pick on the next generation as usual. But I have to pick on these young  dweebs. Because they’re fucking stupid. They’re risking danger to their health and mind. Not to mention, the older generation are quick to use the word, “Millennial”, as a way to describe the new generation.

These people think millennials are truly stupid. Like fuck no. You babies need to stop making us look so bad. We already had the world calling us sensitive and lazy. We don’t need them to look at us as if we’re little toddlers. Just stop because you become cancer. I’m serious. The things you are posting and doing is making the world turn their heads. Our grandparents and parents generation are treating us like toddlers. After the whole eating tide pod incident, the Tide company has to put on a child proof lock on every package. Do you really want the world to be treating us like babies? I think you want them to. Because your fucking ass be snorting condoms and now the world is trying to tell us “Do not snort condoms”. Bitch, I know that! Tell it to these dumbass dweebs.

God damn it. You younger generations are making us, Millennials, have a harder time to evolve. Because of your stupidity, we’re moving one step back. Like stop. Enough. Haven’t you learn from the tide pod incident? I get teens make mistake. But when I was a teenager, I never snort condoms or ate a tide pod. Just stop please. This is coming from a real millennial child. Continue to sit with your iPads and iPhones like the rest of us. No more snorting or eating whatever the fuck you can find. I don’t want anyone be cooking up some dog poop and eating it.

Are Inmates still Human?

Do you ever question if an inmate deserves to still be treated like human? All my life, I never had that question in my head. Once you’re in jail, you’re done. Your freedom and rights are stripped away from you. Regardless of what you’ve done, jail is no luxury. I try my best not to go to jail. Actually, I wouldn’t do stupid things that will get me into jail. I wouldn’t survive. However, I question if inmates do deserve some humanity. I’m sure most people are familiar with the show, Orange is The New Black. I heard about it a while back. That show was mega popular. After watching a few episodes here and there, I finally understand why the show is so popular. They really capture the treatments that inmates have to deal with everyday.

Inmates are always labelled as criminals. Most people would say they’re not humans anymore due to their crime doing. Prison guards and authorities would constantly abuse their power because these criminals are dangerous. Coming upon the show, I finally see many criminals aren’t as dangerous as we thought. Most crimes committed are usually drug possessions and robbery. The one percent is a tie between sexual assault and murder. Even people with mental illness gets thrown in jail. How insane? Those crimes get more time than rapist and murder. With the show perspective, inmates don’t have the best treatment. They’re mostly treated like dogs in a cage. If their time is done, they can’t access to anything. Not even housing. It sucks. Their freedom is still stripped away because of their record. They’re forever labelled as non-human.

Watching Orange is The New Black makes me feel like a piece of shit. I never thought inmates would receive terrible treatments from authorities. Because of the crime they did, society will see them as one perspective. That label is forever tattooed on their body. No one can see pass the crime they once commit. Why treat them any less of a human? Is it really okay to strip away their dignity once they’re behind bars? I believe if the inmate isn’t a murder or rapist, they deserve to still be treated as a human being. At least they have some senses. Mental illness patients shouldn’t have to be thrown in jail either. In the end, we should give some inmates some humanity. Some aren’t complete monsters compared to others. Why discriminate them because of their record?


University Rejections

I have a theory that the rest of the Universities that I applied to will reject me. It doesn’t matter but at the same time, it sucks a little. I personally didn’t want to go to Fullerton and San Luis Obispo. My main two top choices is LA and Northridge. Northridge already accepted me 2 months ago. I said yes as a safety. The rest starts coming in with a “No”. I’m sitting like “Too Late.” I tried not to take it personally. But I can’t help a little. Then I remember it’s okay to get rejected from schools. I have friends who are the brightest bulb ever. They got rejected from their dream schools. My cousin is an excellent student. She got rejected from UCLA. I’m sure many others had gone through the same path. It’s not the end of the world when it comes to rejections. It happens all the time. There’s many competitions in this world.

You are facing against many qualified candidates. I think I should take this rejection as a “Thank you but at least you tried”. So if anyone is trying to apply for Universities in the future and you just happen to come across a rejection letter, don’t take it hard on yourself. Maybe the school doesn’t fit you. Maybe you’re meant to be with another school. It’s similar to dating and relationships. I’ve gone through so many “No’s” and “Maybe’s” in my life just to get a “Yes”. I’m very happy with the guy I’m in a relationship with. I’m sure I’ll be happy when I get into Northridge and experience University life. Until then, keep working hard and don’t give up.

This is Faith

Sadly, my best friend from high school got accepted to CSULA. That means she and I won’t be attending the same school due to her financial status. I think it is the best for the both of us. I’m meant to go to Northridge. I always complain about leaving my mother and wondering when will I have the chance to be free. Well, this is my chance. I have this freedom granted by God. I really believe God is letting me leave my LA life behind and go onto the next chapter.

I’m hoping to use Northridge as a chance to be more independent. When I head to that next chapter, I hope to gain new experiences and meet new people. Meanwhile, I have to live independently with my 3 new roommates. I’m wondering how it will be, living with 3 strangers. Not to mention and hoping to God they’re not horrible people. I hope not. Anyway, I have 6 months before I head to Northridge. I’ll try my best to finish and spend as much time with my loved ones before a new chapter comes. Wish me the best from now until Northridge.