Valentine’s Day Preview

Oh boy. Valentine’s Day is coming up in a couple days. My views on Valentine’s Day still remains the same thing as before. Even though this will be 2nd time having a significant other on Love Day, I personally don’t like giant Teddy Bears, chocolates, and flowers. It’s a waste of money. Girls have so much expectations for Valentine’s. Single bitter people complain about being lonely and reposting those memes. When you’re a kid, Valentine’s Day mean getting candy and cards from your classmates. You’re forced to celebrate the day with hearts and have no idea what it actually means. But when you get older, people make it seem like it’s only for couples.

Honestly, Love Day should be for everyone. Give love to your family and friends. Have a nice dinner with them instead of sitting alone, indulging in a bucket of ice cream.tumblr_inline_nckivyCdva1rs685u

I sometimes wish the internet would stop with the memes and gifs of people being bitter. Maybe they don’t feel that way, but they think it’s relatable. It’s still very annoying to open your tab and see a bunch from your single friends on your newsfeed. What has the world come to? Like get out of the pity party and have fun with people who actually loves you. Hell, even your pet probably loves you. Just don’t be bitter and think  of evil corporations are sucking your money pockets empty.



Ok, so I am engaged but without the ring. My boyfriend was drunk, but he remembered what happened. Fortunately, everything will have to come in slowly. Since I’m still in the process of college and him still deciding, we came to a conclusion that we should be engaged for at least 2 to 4 years before the actual marriage. I’m pretty happy yet relieved he didn’t go crazy. It’s not that I don’t want to marry him. It’s just too soon. So we made a decision to be engaged and wait for the right time to get marry. I’m still in the process of calling him my fiancé. I’ve been so used to calling him, “boyfriend”. It’s hard to process from boyfriend to fiancé. He didn’t mind whichever I call him. The point is we’re both in love and committed to each other.

I couldn’t be more in love than ever. It’s amazing how my life is going well so far. I’m really happy with everything that’s in place. So wish me luck on my journey. I’m hoping things will go great.

25 & Maybe Engaged

What’s up, readers? Today is my 25th birthday! I had a nice morning. I woke up to a few messages from friends and a family member to wish me a happy birthday. My class won’t start till noon. So I have all morning to chill. I’m currently on campus early to take time. Now you might be thinking or asking why maybe engaged in the title. Well, I’ll explain. Last night, 3 hours before my birthday, I sorta may have been proposed by my boyfriend. He was drunk, but sound very serious. What happened was I mention about marriage again in a different light. He then all of the sudden asked me to marry him on the phone. I know it’s all of the sudden and not movie like. Trust me. Proposals aren’t like in the movies. It’s real life. I’ve heard classmates’ stories of their marriage proposals. It’s not as cheesy and romantic as you think.

Also no ring. But it’s okay. What matters is that it counts from the heart. It kinda reminds me of how Ted proposed to Stella.  I’m a very simple girl when it comes to these things. I couldn’t be more in love than ever. It’s not exactly how I picture it. However it’s alright. Getting a fiancé 3 hours before my 25th birthday seems pretty awesome. I’m still a little skeptical about the whole proposal thing. The last time he suggested an engagement was a few months back. We talked about it the next morning. He wasn’t ready for the engagement. I let it go and moved on with my life. I didn’t think he asked again through the same move. My boyfriend poured out his feelings about wanting to marry me since our 6th month anniversary.

He was tired of waiting and want to marry me pretty badly. By the way, we’ve been together for a year and a half. I end up saying yes after asking him multiple times if it’s real and not a joke. I hope to god he is being serious. You can’t take back a proposal. Anyway, I hope everyone have a great day and welcome to a new month!

Birthday Week; Day 3 and 4

February 3-4,2018

I decide to combine the last couple days before my big day. For Saturday, I still didn’t do much. I had dim sum with my family, along with my paternal grandmother. My paternal grandmother gave me an early birthday red envelope as an indication of possible non-attending to my birthday dinner. It’s fine with me. I’m usually with my mom’s side for dinner. Anyway, after the luncheon, we dropped my grandmother off home and return books to the library. The rest of the day was mostly staying at home. Yeah, I have a boring life. I don’t have much craziness before my birthday. Now today is Sunday. I probably will be attending a Lunar New Year fair near my home. Every year, the city always put out a fair in celebration of the Lunar New Year. The celebration is a two day event. It’s always on the weekend. My family always go on a Sunday. We never seem to have time on Saturday.

Anyway, this is the day before my big day. I also begin Spring Semester. Nice to put my birthday on the first day of school. In celebration of my 25th birthday, a close girlfriend of mine already prepared me a gift and small cake. My boyfriend kept asking me what I want for my birthday. I honestly don’t want anything due to the fact that I’m a very simple person. But after a certain event happened on the 2nd, he promise a princess treatment for me. I won’t go into details, but I will say he felt extremely bad and there’s no violent. He came to a realization that I had been extremely good to him. Even if he has his asshole moments, I still stand by him. I know for sure he’s not a complete ass. If he was. I would’ve easily left him long time ago. I actually do look forward to my birthday for once. Usually, it’s just nothing. But this year, I do look forward to it.

Birthday Week ; Day 2

February 2nd, 2018

Ok. Day 2. Three days before my birthday. I didn’t do much on Fridays. I seem to be using Fridays to hang around my mother most of the time since I’m at home. My mother never goes out on her own because all of her friends work. She didn’t want to be alone throughout the week. Anyway, I only had lunch and went shopping at her go-to store. It seems to be a weekly routine now. Spring semester is coming very soon. It starts on my birthday. My birthday always lands around the end of Winter session or the start of Spring semester. It’s crazy. But I love February. Not because of my birthday. But also Chinese New Year is coming soon. I’m super proud to be Asian. We get money. There’s Valentines Day too. But I’ll blog about my opinions of the overrated Holiday. I love the beginning of a new year. I always look forward to writing the next chapter of my life while discovering more things.

I also found out this Sunday is Super Bowl Game. I totally forgot about it. If I watch tv enough, I believe the game should be between the Eagles and Patriots. Am I right, football fans? Will I be watching the game? Nope. I’m not a football fan. I’m more into basketball, which I do look forward to the NBA All Star Game. Also the playoffs and finals. Football should get out of the way soon. Anyway, enjoy your weekend, folks. I definitely am itching away to my 25th. In the words of Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, “God. Why?! God?! Let the others grow old. Not me!” 

Birthday Week, Day 1

February 1st, 2018

I’m literally 4 days away from my 25th birthday. I don’t really have much to celebrate considering my life is so boring before the big day heads up. Today is the final day for my school’s Winter Session. As usual, I’m chilling on campus for no reason. I really don’t have much GED classes left since I took my last one from the previous semester. University applications have been completed and only one school responded to me. Surprisingly, I got accepted to one of the 4 schools I chose. It seems pretty early to get a response but I’m still happy. It means I got potential. However, it’s not the school I really want to go. I’m still waiting for CSULA (Cal State LA) to give me a response. I heard they give out responses late. So I’ll wait till mid-April. If no response, then I’ll go to the school that responded fast.

I’m very happy that another chapter has been written. I never thought I could make it this far. Being almost 25 and heading to next chapter is quite exciting. I hope to have quite an exciting birth week as I blog for the next 4 days till the big 25.


Sexism is Everywhere

I was having a hard time, trying to come up with a title that would fit appropriately for this blog. While I understand women, I also understand men. I see this world as a crying baby wanting their parents to keep them safe. With the recent allegations against male celebrities and Women’s March being an uproar, I feel very tired. The word ‘feminism‘ and ‘sexual harassment’ is always thrown around like a joke. Feminism was created back in the 19th and early 20th century to have women as equal to men. It was a political movement to get women’s voice out to the world to treat them as citizens rather than a simple housewife. Today’s feminism is about teaching boys not to touch girls without permission.

Ok? Should we all flash back to  kindergarten to learn about keeping your hands to yourself? Because that is what is happening right now. I personally believe touching without permission is a no-no. However, it goes to all sexes. That’s right. It goes to everyone! It’s not just a creature with a dick hanging out his crotch. Why is this #metoo campaign created to have crying little girls telling their stories about being raped and sexual harassed by evil boys while the good boys who had been through the same can’t tell their stories? Wasn’t feminism originally suppose to be created for equality? I don’t understand our generation today. A boy catcalling and constantly asking you out is sexual harassment? You feel unsafe with a boy hitting on you in the streets when you can run to the nearest place and ask for help? Also, the boy verbally trying to have sex with you but hasn’t done so yet is rape?

Come on! Don’t get me wrong. I definitely want to feel safe walking down the streets alone whether it’s daylight or dark. I most certainly don’t want to come across an unfortunate situation. However, third wave feminism is mixing these concepts up. As a part of this generation, I am extremely tired of both sexes pointing fingers at each other. To be honest, there are still and going to be sex everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a female or male, sexism is everywhere. You can’t change a bad boy to a good boy in an instant. Neither is a bad girl to a good girl. People need to come to their senses and quit acting like kindergartens. Does anyone know the true definition of sexual harassment?

Getting hit on and catcalled in the streets is not sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. I personally have been sexual harassed twice in my life. My douche ex constantly tries to get me in bed with him after learning about my virginity status. He told me that being a virgin wasn’t okay and I’m in my prime. I must drop my underwear down before it’s too late. He also touches me inappropriately and tries to strip my jacket off on school property. That is sexual harassment. This happened 6 years ago. You want to know what’s even more ironic? He’s the only boy in his family. He grew up with sisters. In other words, my douche ex doesn’t give a fuck.

The 2nd time I was sexual harassed was 2 years ago with a drama queen ex of mine. He forced me to touch him. Thank god, it wasn’t anywhere near his private areas. But I still felt uncomfortable. And guess what? He also has a sister. But no fucks given. You third wave feminism think a woman figure will change a perverted dick heads’s mind? Are you kidding me? Nothing will change a bad boy’s mind. They’re just desperate for sex. Teaching them to consent won’t stick into their brains. It’s the same with girls. I have guy friends (they’re straight. Not gay) that had been touched by women without their consent. We are all growing adults. We shouldn’t have to treat each other like kindergarten. If they start touching you without your permission and you tell them no about 3 times, don’t be scared and kick them in the crotch. Run in the opposite direction and hope to god you don’t get arrested for assault.