In the year of 1993, I was born into the world called America. Here, I live and breathe in the city of Los Angeles, California. I grew up with a traditional Asian immigrant family, whom drives me crazy everyday.

My name is Jane, but you can call me “Jay”. I am a 25 year old college student with an English degree in hand. My family wanted me to do the whole pharmacy thing, however, I have to crush their dream. I’m secretly pursuing my English degree in order to avoid anymore disappointed lectures. My best friends (high school and college) are the glue to what I am. Along with my boyfriend, whom I love so dearly. My blog consists of my daily life. It mostly has its dealing with Mother’s ignorance, relationship lessons, and college lifestyle. I may insert some parental opinions, even though I don’t have a child of my own. But I do desire one someday.

Please rest assure that I am not here to bash anyone in my blog. I blog to vent and get things of my chest. If there’s anything major happening in my life, I will definitely include in my blog. After all, this is the life of Jay.